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TBOS James Englehart Picture by BagnaTheSupervillain TBOS James Englehart Picture by BagnaTheSupervillain
Name: James Englehart
Age: 35
Physical Description: 5' 11" Build is fit, but not athletic.
Chosen by: Lady Ink
Gift description: NA

On a planet that has been completely overrun by various types of monsters, the city of Sanctuary is the last outpost of normalcy. The only people allowed to live in Sanctuary are normal, uninfected humans with some steady job which provides a direct benefit to the city. Ordinary humans across the planet are desperate to find a job which will allow them to live inside the city's walls. The only job that always has openings is the hunters, who are tasked with locating any nonhuman who gets inside the city. Some nonhumans hide from hunters in the sewers and dark alleyways, while those who can pass as human do whatever they can to make an ordinary life within the city. James is one of the few hunters who has survived past the age of thirty, making him something of a legend among the other hunters. What he doesn't realize is that his years of exposure to nonhumans have caused him to become infected with a little bit of everything. As a result, James will occasionally take on random attributes of various supernatural beings. These effects are subtle right now, but they're beginning to become increasingly obvious. Even if he survives for another few years, by that time he will have lost enough of his humanity that he will be hunted by his former coworkers.

As a result of the deterioration of the book's stories, character archetypes are beginning to develop glitches. Some of them will start to remember the previous stories they have been in, or they will appear as versions of themselves from a different genre. This is making the genres further indistinguishable, which is hastening the book's destruction. Lady Ink recognizes James' skill at finding people who are out-of-place and destroying them. She hopes that this skill will make him perfectly suited to getting rid of the characters that are contaminating the stories.

James is an unassuming blue-collar worker with a fatalistic attitude towards his job caused by his extremely short life expectancy. James likes to stay out of people's way, and has survived as long as he has by not seeking out confrontations or practicing excessive violence. In order to cope with his job, James has developed a skewed sense of morality. James will fight to protect anyone who he considers a person, but he will happily and remorselessly murder anyone who doesn't fit his fairly narrow view of what a person is. Unfortunately for James, he has recently been sympathizing more and more with the monsters he's supposed to hunt, which makes it harder for him to justify killing anything that appears nonhuman. James has also started to randomly show characteristics of the nonhumans he's devoted his life to hunting. Although he is still in denial about this, he will become increasingly anguished as the changes become harder to ignore.

James routinely fights supernatural opponents, and he is very good at surviving fights in which he is clearly outmatched. He has survived as long as he has by picking up numerous odd skills. James will occasionally exhibit characteristics of the various supernatural beings he has encountered. This is especially likely to happen during times of stress, and will happen with increasing frequency as the story progresses. Something like a sudden burst of superhuman strength at an opportune moment could save his life, but he is just as likely to develop a vampire's weakness to sunlight while standing outside during the day.

The knife to the left is mass-produced, designed with various blessings and special materials to inflict as much damage as possible to every known type of monster for a minimal production cost. Every hunter is issued one of these.

Artwork is by Chris.

Interview: [link]
Audition: [link]
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting. :D Any specific abilities you mean to make him use?
I mostly just want an excuse to set him on fire a whole bunch.
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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